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Image by Mor Shani

I  N  D  U  C  E    A  C  C  O  U  N  T  A  B  I  L  I  T  Y

Ghost Registry

Let's join forces.

Accountability is the first step to growth.


Register your ghost here to help you find closure and give them a chance to take accountability for their actions.

We'll say a Namaste to them on your behalf!


'Ghost Souls' are people or organizations that have ghosted members of our society in a personal or professional interaction. Registering a ghost soul helps provide your ghost an opportunity to earn good karma by taking accountability for incidents reported by our registered members and gives other members a way to steer clear of known ghosts.


​If you've been ghosted in a professional or personal domain, please report the incident and consider sharing your Ghost Story to help others and yourself. These entries also help us build, index, and rate organizations, and social platforms where people meet, interview, connect, and network in professional or personal capacities. Let's join forces!


The Ghost Registry will be available publicly without details of the associated incidents (purely recorded should any legal proceedings arise, in order to protect Ghost Souls, the parent organization and our members doing their part in culture sensitization by reporting said incidents), however, will show ghosting counts, trending ghost souls in our society and associated social media shares.


As cultural advocates, we  believe in fighting the oppression and not the oppressor, from that perspective, our platform will facilitate redemption to 'Ghost Souls' by leveraging the Karma Credit Framework.

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