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E.G. Framework

Led by You and Me Collectively ;  Led by US

At Ghost Souls, we’re ready for something better. Based in Toronto, with evolving alliances globally, we're getting geared up to make outreach available to everyone locally to induce and enhance  a Transformative Cultural Movement that mobilizes people from all over to take action and create a meaningful, collective and lasting impact on our society and beyond.

Our Cultural Movement

Eliminate Ghosting Framework

Key Tenets

  • Mindfulness

  • Introspection

  • Awareness

  • Adaptation

  • Crafting Proper Change

Mental Models

  • PPO (Perspective, Perception, Openness)

    • How Can I over Why

    • Take a step back (Dis-engage)

    • Be Open to Learn

    • Broaden your lens

    • Stay accountably respectful

    • Stories everywhere, be open

  • SGA (Stay Grounded Always)

  • SPA (Stay Professional Always)

  • DFD (Don't Fuel Drama)

Crowd Protesting